Wireless handhelds, wearable PCs rule expo

IBM displays wireless handheld computers and wearable PCs, as trade show attendees gawk at new PDAs, Internet appliances, MP3 players and other non-PC devices.

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Gadgets rather than PCs are turning out to be the main item at the PC Expo trade show, as evidenced by the opening address from Handspring and Palm pioneer Jeff Hawkins.

"People get swept up in conventional thinking, which is often wrong."

- Handspring co-founder Jeff Hawkins


IBM aims to put computers on your wrist
IBM displays some show-stopping devices, with wireless handheld computers and wearable PCs.

Keep it simple, Handspring co-founder urges
Handheld computing pioneer Jeff Hawkins, who founded Palm and Handspring, tells the audience at PC Expo what to expect in the future of wireless gadgetry.

Palm swims upstream with new strategy
update The handheld device maker will announce support for an expansion card format that is incompatible with those used by Handspring and Sony.

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Handhelds grab spotlight at PC Expo
update One of the toughest things to find at the show will be a personal computer--handheld computers, Internet appliances and other gadgets will instead be the central focus of the four-day trade show.

HP unveils "krypton green" PCs
The new back-to-school line emphasizes Advanced Micro Devices chips, rewritable CD-ROM drives and panels in wacky colors such as "xenon purple."

Sony to offer peek at Palm-powered handheld
The electronics giant plans a sneak peek at its much-anticipated handheld at PC Expo, yet the company won't even say what it plans to call the device.