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Winklevoss twins joke about Facebook in nuts ad

In a new ad for pistachios, the twins who believe they were cheated out of their fair share of Facebook, share a joke about Facebook. Or, more precisely, nemesis Mark Zuckerberg.

You can't keep a good Winklevoss down. Even if you might find two of them hard to swallow.

In this beautifully surreal advertising appearance, the twins who believe that Facebook was more theirs than, say, Mark Zuckerberg's hawk nuts while poking fun at their rival and former partner.

A warning: this ad might not be suitable for work because you will find yourself snorting uncontrollably. Either from laughter or from that other sort of laughter. You know, the snorting, Oh, Lordy, no kind.

So here we have the twins (who are not, I believe, played by the same person as they were in "The Social Network") eating their nuts.

Twin One cracks a pistachio. Twin Two says: "Hey, that's a good idea.. Cracking it like that...Could be huge."

The next line must have taken a while to perfect. For Twin One mutters, worriedly: "Think someone will steal it?"

While I thank AllThingsD for revealing the existence of this ad, I pause for your guffaws. Please consider how sad (or happy) you are that these two well-dressed lads only secured a $65 million settlement for their share of Facebook.

The ad ends with Twins One and Two wondering who on Earth might steal their fine idea. That nefarious alleged pistachio-idea pilferer Mark Zuckerberg, they seem to vaguely imply.

Still, it's good that the Winklevii are able (maybe) to laugh at themselves a little. This surely counteracts the view of former Harvard president Larry Summers that they are a--holes.