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Winklevii snag $18 million L.A. mansion, report says

Yes, the original castmembers of the famous social network everyone uses are going to explore the L.A. tech scene.

Perhaps they made $18 million out of this pistachio ad.
WonderfulPistachios/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

With the hordes losing their shirts, trousers and camel-haired overcoats on Facebook shares, it's heartening to see that not everyone lost out.

Though Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss often thought they deserved a little more for allegedly being at the heart of Facebook's creation, they did still manage to spirit $65 million away.

Now, my religious reading of TMZ has revealed that they have used some of that money, perhaps, on an exciting new abode.

For they have reportedly dropped $18 million on a quite stunning mansion in L.A.'s Hollywood Hills.

TMZ is fully adorned with pictures of this sumptuous palace, which has 8,000 sq.ft. and resembles the sort of place you'd like to take Keira Knightley after dinner at Jack In The Box.

The views from the deck are astonishing -- or would be if they weren't views of L.A. Even the StairMaster looks like it was crafted by da Vinci.

Much of the decor is currently in muted browns and beiges and yet the whole effect is as if the lady from Architectural Digest took a couple of Quaaludes and dreamed big.

It is said that only brother Tyler will be spending time at this marvelous place. His task will be to flex the West Coast arm of Winklevoss Capital, a company that seems to be very fond of working with money.

The Winklevii reportedly believe that the L.A. scene is the true future of tech.

Some might see a certain contrast between this opulence and the rather modest manner in which Mark Zuckerberg chooses to live his life.

Well, materially modest, at least.