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Winklevii buy Galactic tickets with bitcoin (because pioneers!)

No self-respecting entrepreneur of the future uses cash, checks, or barter -- especially when buying tickets to outer space.

No, they're not bitcoins. They're pistachios.
Pistachios/YouTube screenshot by CNET

Do you spend every day trying to remove pain from your life? Does friction affect your ability to stay calm, focused, or even yourself?

Well, you've come to the right place. I have a solution for you. Go and buy $200,000 worth of bitcoins and then slap them down on a seat into space with Virgin Galactic.

You don't believe this will work? Oh, but please heed the words of possible Facebook-creator Tyler Winklevoss, one of the famous flying Winklevii.

In a post Wednesday on the Winklevoss Capital site, he wrote that he and his twin had indeed bought two tickets to fly on Virgin Galactic by tossing bitcoins at Richard Branson. (But not, presumably, from the heights of Mt. Gox.)

In Tyler Winklevoss' words: "Bitcoin and Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic are two technologies that meaningfully represent our focus at Winklevoss Capital -- the reduction of pain-points and friction in an effort to build a better world."

Oddly enough, I just watched "Gravity" and there appeared to be plenty of pain-points and friction in outer space. But perhaps there are simply things I don't understand.

This Tyler Winklevoss sentence, for example: "It's impossible to predict exactly what will happen, but if history is any indicator, the sandbox-nature of a viable protocol almost always incubates killer applications."

Oh, you mean like WhatsApp?

Winklevoss' post is a long walk to freedom. Those last words come after a winding journey through Vasco da Gama, Nicolaus Copernicus (whom we Poles call Mikolaj Kopernik), Ferdinand Magellan, Robert Peary, Sir Edmund Hillary, and Yuri Gagarin. To name but several.

There is, surprisingly, no mention of the pioneering social explorer Mark Zuckerberg. Nor of the great virginal Galactic co-explorers Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber.

The Winklevii have invested heavily in Bitcoin. Indeed, last year, they claimed to own 1 percent of all the bitcoin on Earth and, one imagines, outer space. So this announcement will surely offer confidence to the Bitcoin market.

Still, the final paragraph of Tyler Winklevoss' fine declaration ought to stand alone. It is a tribute to the spirit of adventure, symbolized by twinning of Virgin Galactic and Bitcoin:

I am thankful that the desire to build beyond what we have inherited and push beyond our own preconceived barriers, are fundamental human traits, and when realized, engender the truest sense of accomplishment. These traits are responsible for every human breakthrough and advancement since the dawn of mankind. They are why we are still here on our planet today, and why we stand a chance of being here tomorrow...or on Mars. When we can, Cameron and I will always do our best to support them.