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Wines of Westeros let you drink like a Lannister

Drink up Westeros-style with these "Game of Thrones"-themed wines. Perhaps you'd like a glass of dark red merlot, colored like the blood the Dothraki spill so freely.

The perfect wine for your next "Game of Thrones" viewing party. The Wines of Westeros

Wine is the preferred drink of choice in the land of Westeros, and it was only a matter of time before someone cashed in on the "Game of Thrones" franchise with a Westeros-themed vino.

Common Ventures, a small Australian advertising firm, has developed a full line of 12 themed wines, each selected to represent the house or people from a particular region. The Dothraki, for example, are represented by a dark red merlot, colored like the blood they commonly spill, while the ghastly white walkers from beyond the wall are treated to a sauvignon blanc.

Along with the white walkers, Dothraki, and wildlings, all the houses of Westeros are represented, as are the men of the Night's Watch. Each bottle features a customized themed logo fitting of the house or people represented. The bottles are up for preorder on The Wines of Westeros site, where you can purchase individual bottles or a 12 pack that includes one of each variety. Subsets of all reds or all whites (six each) are also available.

But as with all things "Game of Thrones," be sure to choose your allegiances wisely if you don't want to see your head detached from the rest of your body.

(Via io9)