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Wine Anyone?

A few more unique (and eco friendly) ways to tote your wine around between parties and picnics.

tipsy wine bag
tipsy wine bag
Illu Stration

Been a lot of wine goodies popping up over at NOTCOT and TasteSpotting the last week or so, and with all the summer pot lucks and parties on the rise, how you present that bottle of wine can be key! So here are a few greener and more gorgeous ways to tote them around.

First here's the Tipsy Bag in felt by Illu Stration. Notice how the zipper that holds the bottle in actually doubles as the strap as well? Mary-Ann Williams is actually called the "Queen of Felt" and has many more felt wine options for you at Illu Stration. Three more options below...

Wine Pocket
Wine Pocket Josh Jakus

Josh Jakus has designed an even simpler felt option for that bottle of wine, called the Wine Pocket. If your hostess loves minimalist reusable pieces, this is definitely a much better option than the bags you may see near the wine aisle at any wine store or super market... and don't even consider presenting it in one of those paper bags!

Portable Wine Bar
Portable Wine Bar Cooking Gadgets

Now, if you're having a larger party or picnic, or are responsible for bringing.... say 6 bottles? instead of the usual 1? How about this Portable Wine Bar? Even has a corkscrew included. and folds up nicely to be reused once the bottles are all gone.

Three Bottle Tote
Three Bottle Tote Built NY

Classic neoprene options come from Built NY, and here is my favorite, the Three Bottle Tote. Additionally, check out the Built NY site for everything from bags to carry singles, doubles, 6 packs, drip collars, and even their crazy wine bottle ratchet Magnum.