Windows malware removal tool

How to save on a laptop: buy infected.

Tristan Rinehart

There hasn't been huge strides in recent laptop technology if all you do is surf, post, and torrent. Unless you're a gamer, you can save a lot of money buying a used laptop. I have friend that bought a laptop for next to nothing because the previous owner was fed up with its slow performance.

I can understand not knowing how to fix an under performing Windows laptop or not wanting to get flim-flammed by unscrupulous techies but at least google 'slow laptop.' The results are full of forums and FAQs that can help clean-up the system tray and remove malware. Here's another cool trick: MRT. Its Window's built-in malicious software removal tool. Just select Run from the Start menu and type MRT in the command prompt. A fifteen minute scan and quarantine proved my friend's used laptop had no hardware issues just memory-hording spyware disguised as virus protection.