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Windows 8 is easy: Ask this 3-year-old

In the midst of reports that Microsoft's new operating system is terribly confusing, a video featuring a 3-year-old tries to redress the balance.

It is so easy, doh.
Adam Desrosiers/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If Microsoft were to go to the doctor for its annual checkup this week, I feel the medico might suggest complete rest and a vacation.

There are so many emotions coursing through Redmond's veins that few soap opera actors would be able to channel them believably.

No sooner was there dancing excitement about Surface than reports began to emerge that Windows 8, the great new hope for Microsoft, was "confusing."

To anyone brought up on the basic humanity of a Mac, even looking at a Microsoft PC engenders confusion.

"Oh, you start it down here, do you? Weird."

However, if people who were comfortable looking into previous Windows were also getting confused, this might generate a nervous breakdown.

In order to stem the tide of troubling publicity, the Supersite for Windows blog revealed this very sweet video that shows a very sweet 3-year-old proving that Windows 8 is sweetly simple.

Adam Desrosiers, who posted the video to YouTube, is vehement man.

He wrote with his posting: "I read these tech pundits and journalists discussing how hard it's gonna be for the general public to learn the new UI of Windows 8. Nonsense."

And, indeed, the video shows him offering simple instructions to little Julian, who executes the moves with gleeful joy.

Desrosiers is keen to insist that Julian is not some obsessive little computerbot.

"I could easily teach him some of the even more in-depth operations of the system if I didn't think it more important that he interact with the real world," he wrote.

Desrosiers sounds like a very wise father.

However, I wonder if anyone who might not be au fait with Windows might look at this video and find that, for example, the program-closing operation looks a little cumbersome.

Perhaps it's just a case of two entirely different languages, each with their own idiosyncrasies.

Some might imagine that -- just as with languages -- it's easier for a 3-year-old to grasp something new than it is for a hoary old adult.

Desrosiers insists, however: "The long and short of it is: If my 3 years old son can learn Windows 8 through very moderate usage, anybody with half a brain can do so too.

This might be an idea for Microsoft. To follow up its boisterous introductory ad, why doesn't the company show the half-brained mastering Windows 8?

The casting would surely be very simple around, say, the Los Angeles area, where you'll find plenty of half-brained in every coffee shop. Get them into a studio, in front of a camera and give them Windows 8.

This could be the most persuasive tech campaign in history.