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Windows 7 to get New York launch

Microsoft is planning two Big Apple events, including the October 22 launch for Windows 7 as well as a consumer "open house" earlier in the month.

Apparently Microsoft isn't doing everything with Windows 7 differently from how it did Windows Vista.

As was the case with Vista, Windows 7 will get its formal launch in the Big Apple. CEO Steve Ballmer will preside over the October 22 event, with the usual array of hardware partners showing off their latest wares.

Microsoft used a human billboard to help mark the New York launch of Windows Vista. Caroline McCarthy/CNET News

But that's not the only Gotham event for Microsoft in October. The company is also doing a consumer open house at the Park Avenue Armory, led by Robbie Bach, on October 6. Microsoft plans to highlight everything from the Zune and new phones to hardware products like keyboards and mice.

Microsoft is hoping to turn that event into an annual event.

New York was also the site of Vista's launch, which included a fancy lunch at Cipriani with the press, a human billboard as well as a trip to Best Buy for Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft finalized the code for Windows 7 last month. It will hit retail shelves and start showing up on new PCs on October 22, though some large businesses with volume licenses can already get the code if they wish.