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Will this cat video be Microsoft's phone sales breakthrough?

Redmond holds a contest to see who can make the best video using a cell phone. The winner -- filmed, miraculously, on a Lumia 930 -- is a, um, "catz" video.

Surely most of humanity will be mesmerized by this Microsoft cat video that's destined to go viral. Surely. Microsoft/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

To sell well, you have to know where the weaknesses lie.

If there is one weakness shared by almost every member of humanity it is cat videos.

Why these self-centered, insidious beasts attract the undying love of so many is a mystery. But that's how love is meant to be, I suppose.

This, I suspect, is something Microsoft understands.

Its Nokia arm, whose purchase Microsoft completed this year, makes fine smartphones that have been ignored by too many. Somehow, Samsung and Apple seems to dominate the mobile atmosphere.

So the company, in partnership with Social Media Week, sponsored a creative contest to see who could make the best short film using a cell phone.

Miraculously the winner, Mia Mullarkey, shot her video on a Nokia Lumia 930 .

You may not be familiar with this device. It's not available in the US (although the Lumia Icon is nearly identical). It is, however, according to those who know , the best Windows Phone device you can buy -- even if it doesn't yet have the Cortana virtual assistant purring inside.

But back to the winning video. It was really quite something.

Was it a sweeping tale of love and passion? Not exactly. Was it a mocking of everything Apple and Samsung? It was not. It was a cat video. Or, as Microsoft describes it in, um, cool Web vernacular, a "Catz" video.

Here we have cats being cute, with the phone -- yes, a Lumia 930 -- inserted in a remarkably humanistic way.

It's delightfully done, especially if you happen to be into cat videos.

You are supposed to coo and melt and purr or whatever noises it is that people make when they see video of cats being cats.

Then you're supposed to rush out and beg for one of these Lumia 930 phones (or, in the US, a Lumia Icon), because they're the ones the cats are telling you to buy.

What are you waiting for?