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Will the laptop wear Prada?

ASAS comes out with pink notebook

Fancy that--another pink product. It must be one of only, say, 500 released in the last week or so. To be fair, though, there are a few things about this one that do set it apart.


One, it's a computer. Not too many pink ones of those around. Narrowing its field even further, it's reported to be partnering with Prada. So there.

The ASUS S6F will be on the Singapore market in December. But even if you're planning a trip to the island nation, don't expect to just drop by and pick one up: Only 50 of them will be released. Why? "Each piece of leather was handpicked and took over a year of research before the bond between the organic material and aluminum chassis was deemed fit for production," according to CNET Asia. More evidence of a Prada connection.

And true to designer form, the laptop has only moderate computing functions despite its runway price of about $2,500. Still, that's a steal for anything on Seventh Avenue.

(Photo: ASUSTek)