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Will the iPhone 5 have a bigger, 4-inch screen? (video)

Introducing Rumor Has It, CNET's newest tech show, where we round up the week's hottest rumors. Play along as we vote on what the iPhone 5 will look like. Also, did Microsoft nearly buy Nokia? How much will the Nintendo Wii U cost? Find out.

Now playing: Watch this: iPhone 5 to get bigger 4-inch screen?

On CNET's newest on-demand show, you'll get all the hottest rumor news, plus you can try to outsmart the hosts by voting in our weekly poll. On every show we'll put one rumor up for a vote; once you, the viewer, and the hosts have weighed in, we let CNET's anonymous Council of Experts decide who was on the right track.

This week in rumor land, Apple surprised nobody by not announcing the next iPhone or the much-ballyhooed Apple television. Did that stop the speculations from flying? Of course not. This is America.

The biggest thing to come out of WWDC 2012 (aside from the new Retina MacBook, which is just as awesome as expected) was the news that iOS 6 is going to drop in the fall. What can we extrapolate from that? That the next iPhone will be coming right along with it, most likely. Duh.

But Rumor Has It won't rest until we go further, so check out the other tech rumors from this week. And don't forget to take our poll.

And tune in next Thursday for a fresh crop of gadget gossip.

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