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Will she? The first marriage proposal via Google Glass

While visiting a U.K. castle, a Minneapolis man dons the augmented reality specs and gets on one knee to pop a big question.

Breon Nagy models his marriage-proposal gadget (scroll down to watch the actual question-and-answer session).
Breon Nagy/Facebook

By my estimation, it takes a brave man to slap on some lens-less augmented-reality frames, say "OK, Glass, record a video," and then get down on one knee to ask for his lady's hand in marriage.

But that's exactly how Breon Nagy of Minneapolis, Minn., rolls.

After carrying a ring around for a few days while traveling in Europe and waiting for the perfect moment, he decided a visit to Leeds Castle in Kent, England, was the ideal time and place, and he pretty much nailed it.

Say what you will about the gushing sentimentality of it all, but this is actually a pretty ideal moment to preserve from the vantage point of Google Glass. And given the fact that Nagy's new fiance was able to overlook the fact that she was proposed to by a guy who was technically multitasking while popping the question, it seems to me that they're probably meant for each other.

I personally can't wait for the super-duper geeky proposal where both parties are wearing Glass when the question drops, preferably while in a Google+ Hangout together. Until that day, we'll always have Leeds. Watch below and be ready with your best standing ovation.