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Will Microsoft make green off environmental news?

Software maker launches MSN Green, a site packed with eco-info. What kind of appetite will there be among advertisers and readers?

MSN is going green.

No, I don't mean that it has decided to compost all its Starbucks grounds. And I'm sure it's had recycle bins on more than PCs for a while.

The Microsoft-owned Web site has launched MSN Green, a site for all kinds of environmental news and information. Partners include Conservation International, National Geographic and Grist, an edgy environmental news site.

The initial content is a mixed bag. There was an interesting article on whether extended daylight saving time actually equates to energy savings, but also more iffy concepts, such as a story on how much wood is used for Major League Baseball bats.

Another article, recycled from MSN Health and Fitness, is titled "Are boys an endangered species?" It's overbilled, but an interesting look at how, in a few spots around the world, girl births are outnumbering boy births by 2 to 1.