Will Kevin save Google TV's bacon?

New ad for Logitech's Google TV box offers one of the most mesmerizing depictions of Kevin Bacon ever screened. Will this allow Google TV to break through?

I am worried about this Google TV thing. Not because I don't think it could somehow play a role in my complicated and, well, infernally messy life.

It's just that the darned thing looks so complicated and infernally messy. And I've endured so much of that already.

There seem to be so many buttons and thought processes through which to twist one's mind. Even those who are wise about these things worry that there are considerable complications to this attempt at dominating your living room's focal point.

The Logitech Revue is the first set-top box that features Google TV, so naturally, at the mere mention of it, I was more intimidated than Kate Middleton on her first date with Prince William.

Then one of those who are wise about these things sent me the ad embedded here.

Sometimes, ads throw up characters that hypnotize with the sheer will and intensity of their performances.

For myself, I have always wanted to know more about Geico Cavemen and that nice chap who does all those UPS ads. (Oddly enough, both campaigns were created by the same entirely charming people at the Martin Agency in Richmond, Va.) And I have always wanted to know about the personal life and medical history of the lady in the Progressive Insurance ads.

Entering my pantheon of people I would like as my near, but not too near, neighbors is Logitech's man who would be Kevin Bacon.

Bacon is a man of singular looks. He embodies the insecurities of the honest American better than so many. So here, the makeup and performance of the actor chosen to play a be-Baconed weirdo is beyond superlative. This is the actor who ought to star in "The Fan 2." Perhaps he should have hit the original Fan.

Wait a minute. That's Kevin Bacon. No, really. There is but a minor degree of separation between fantasy and reality here. That's the real Kevin Bacon playing a weirdo who is obsessed with Kevin Bacon. This is every actor's most coveted role. You have to play someone who is obsessed with you.

Truly, that is the toughest mindset any actor has ever been asked to inhabit.

I have no idea whether this joyously demented Kevin Bacon who wishes he was Kevin Bacon can possibly create a bridge between us, the living sane, and Google TV. But I wish him luck. And an Emmy.