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Will Apple's iWatch actually be called iWatch?

We're already used to the concept of smartwatches. Is that one reason why Apple will not call its rumored new gadget a watch?

As imagined by interface designer Todd Hamilton. The iCollection? Todd Hamilton

You're probably already expanding your array of short-sleeved shirts.

You might even be considering shaving the little hairs on your wrists, so that the new, new thing will look perfect perched upon them.

There's one thing that you can't prepare for, though. What will Apple call its new, alleged iWatch?

This thing has been rumored for almost as long as a "Friends" reunion or a Hillary presidential run. It may or may not cost $400. It may or may not be unveiled September 9.

But the more important question is still to know how to finish this sentence: "Hey, I got an i(....)!"

The category is generally referred to as "smartwatches." But before Apple introduced the iPad, the category was called "tablets."

It could have plumped for iTab. It didn't. So is it quite so automatic that it will release an iWatch? Watches in themselves are a dated concept. If we want to know the time, we whip out our phones.

Wearing a watch is retro, save for those who prefer to wear something large and obvious in order to suggest that they themselves are obviously living large.

The real category that Apple is likely entering -- especially given its hires from the fashion industry -- is the wearable category.

What chance, then, that Apple will launch the iWear Collection?

You'll tell me that this sounds like glasses. I'll remind you that you guffawed like a chubby-faced schoolchild because iPad sounded like a sanitary product.

If Apple made iWear or even iFashion (yes, yes, I know) its overarching concept, there might be a watch, a brooch, an earring (for girls and boys of course) and Lord knows what else that might be worn to make you more connected and potentially pretentious.

Within an iWear portfolio there might also be an iBand. Yes, that thing that the fitness-crazed crave for at least three weeks before they toss it on their dressing table and never use it again.

Perhaps, though, it'll be more of an all-in-one product that performs many tasks, while matching your Dior party dress perfectly. All the more reason, perhaps, not to call it the iWatch, but something more all-encompassing.

So will Apple, in fact, launch iMode, iVogue, iChic, iDesign, iFlair, iStyle or simply the iCollection?

The true joy in this, of course, is that Apple has been largely successful in keeping this product behind a velvet curtain.

Will September 9 be iTime? iWonder.