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Wildling wannabes, make a crossbow from office supplies

Opportunity is a-knockin' for cube-dwelling "Game of Thrones" fans. Learn to shoot a mini-crossbow in a way that would make Ygritte proud.

Chances are if you have an office job, you aren't working every second of every day. So why not carve out a few moments to shoot like a Wildling from the comfort of your cubicle?

First, you'll need to raid your office's supply closet. Here, let's make this easy. Go grab the following items:

Four pencils
Four thick rubber bands
A roll of transparent tape
A few ballpoint pens
A pair of scissors
A binder clip

Now, go watch this video by DaveHax to learn how configure these ordinary office products into a mini-crossbow.

Please, use your wee weapon responsibly. Practice your archery skills on inanimate objects, not your annoying co-workers.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)