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WiiWare and Virtual Console releases for this week

Rounding the WiiWare and Virtual Console releases for the week of 10/20.

This week brings us two balance-board-compatible titles along with a duo of Turbografx 16 games.

  • Tetris Party (Tetris Online Inc., 1,200 Wii points): Tetris Party puts a new spin on everyone's favorite shape-shifting puzzle game. Not only does the title introduce various new modes of play, but you can now dust off that Wii Fit balance board and use it to control Tetris pieces!
  • The Incredible Maze (Digital Leisure Inc., 500 Wii points): Use your Wii remote to balance your way through various mazes and puzzles. Or if you prefer, use your balance board to do your tilting for you.
    Virtual Console
  • Digital Champ Battle Boxing (1989, Turbografx 16, 700 Wii points): Digital Champ Battle Boxing is a boxing game that takes place in the future where you apparently can only fight enemies through boxing matches. Fight your way through various opponents and take down Mother Computer.
  • Gradius II Gofer No Yabou (1988, Turbografx 16, 900 Wii points): This space-themed shooter is the successor to the original Gradius. This time around, you must battle the Gofer empire using multiple modules and shields along the way.

What games do you think are missing from the Wii Virtual Console? Sound off here!