WiiWare and Virtual Console releases for this week

Rounding up the WiiWare and Virtual Console releases for the week of August 11.

Jeff Bakalar Editor at Large
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Jeff Bakalar

This week brings our favorite online flash cartoon to the Wii along with two classic TurboGrafx 16 games.


  • Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner (Telltale Games, 1,000 Wii points): After countless years as one of the Internet's most beloved flash cartoons, the Homestar Runner gang invades the Wii in an episodic game. Episode 1 is available now while the other titles will be released every month.
Virtual Console

  • Break In (1989, TurboGrafx 16, 700 Wii points): This billiard simulator lets you enjoy six different types of pool. Play with up to four players or challenge the computer in a variety of different difficulty modes.
  • Star Parodier (1992, TurboGrafx16 CD-ROM, 900 Wii points): Star Parodier is a complete parody of the Star Soldier shooter franchise. Choose up to three different ships to take command of and blast your way through single player or attack time.

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