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Wii Zapper to include Zelda-themed crossbow game when it ships in November

Nintendo will include Link's Crossbow Training with the $20 Wii Zapper when it ships in November.

Nintendo Wii Zapper
The Wii Zapper will include Link's Crossbow Training as a pack-in.

When Nintendo announced the Wii Zapper back at July's E3 show, the company promised the $20 add-on would be bundled with a game (a "pack-in," in gamer parlance). And today the company made good on the pledge: The Zapper will include Link's Crossbow Training, a Zelda-themed target shooter. The game will progress from simple bull's-eyes to moving targets (including enemies from the Zelda series), and--while I wouldn't expect much more than a glorified "how to use the Zapper" tutorial--something tells me Crossbow Training could be as infectious as Wii Sports. Either way, it's nice to see Nintendo adding a bit of value to what's less a controller and more a big hunk of plastic. (The Zapper is simply a housing that places the Wii Remote and Nunchuk into a mounting that's vaguely reminiscent of a Tommy gun.)

In addition to the included crossbow title, three third-party titles will also be Zapper-compatible: EA's Medal of Honor Heroes 2, Capcom's Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, and Sega's Ghost Squad. Each of those games are Wii exclusives, and all are due by the end of the year. The Zapper itself will be available in North America on Nov. 19.