Wii virtual console releases for this week

Outlining the Wii virtual console releases for the week of 9/24.

Two classic franchises round out this week's virtual console releases. But don't worry, there's a token TurboGrafx 16 game hiding behind them.

  • Kirby's Avalanche (1995, Super Nintendo, 800 Wii points)--In this departure from the conventional platforming you're used to in other Kirby adventures, Kirby's Avalanche will have you racking your brain in this fast-paced color matching puzzle game.

  • Streets of Rage 3 (1994, Genesis, 800 Wii points)--A staple series in the beat-em-up genre, Streets of Rage brought great action and gameplay to consoles everywhere. In this third installment of the franchise, you must stop Mr. X and his evil robotic army.

  • Legend of Hero Tomna (1991, TurboGrafx 16, 600 Wii points)--In Legend of Hero Tomna, you assume the role of Tomna who must, of all things, rescue a princess trapped in another dimension.