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Wii U woes have already begun

Wii U to launch without TVii, Twitter lets you e-mail tweets, and a movie theater chain is rewarding courteous moviegoers.

What big feature will be missing from the Wii U on launch day?

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Bad news for first-day Wii U buyers: the company has announced that the TVii service, which was promised to be available at launch, will now not be live until sometime in December. In addition, streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, and Amazon Instant Video will now be going live in the coming weeks. This is certainly a blow for Nintendo, which can't seem to get things ready for any launch -- you'll recall that the 3DS launched without access to the virtual eShop store, either. Not a good start, Nintendo.

In other news, Twitter is finally adding the ability to e-mail tweets directly from the Twitter stream -- something third-party apps have allowed for a while. The idea is to get more non-Twitter people aware of the service and encourage participation.

Movie theater chain Cinemark is taking on an ambitious new initiative to combat disturbing cell phone use in its theaters. The company has introduced CineMode, an app that will remind moviegoers to silence their phones before a film begins. Better yet, the app will be tied to a rewards system that customers can use toward discounted tickets and concessions. It might sound a bit crazy dangling a box of Goobers in front of a rowdy audience, but anything to get them to shut up is OK with me.

Not a fan of vacuuming? Who is? So you've probably heard of Roomba, the robotic vacuuming disc that can be set on autopilot to clean a room. Well now it can leave a fresh-smelling scent where ever it goes, too. Robot AddOns has introduces RoomAroma, an attachment for Roomba that will dispense a pleasant-smelling fragrance anywhere your Roomba travels. The accessory starts at $25 and refills are $20.

And finally, Gmail has quietly updated the service with a neat little sorting trick that should make navigating through e-mails a bit easier. Starting now, Gmail users will have the ability to sort their inbox by size. It may not seem like a big deal, but those who get tons of attachments and need to conserve cloud space will find the feature very helpful.

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