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Wii Sports Resort for 2: Save a little money on a bundle

Considering it's a multiplayer affair, this is a pretty no-brainer way to save 10 bucks on Nintendo's Wii centerpiece game.

This is the way Wii Sports Resort should have been packaged in the first place.

Now that the Nintendo Wii is $199, there are two ways to go about using your savings: putting it in a low-risk bank account, or buying the rest of the peripherals Nintendo wants you to have to complete your Wii experience. Wii Fit notwithstanding, the biggest new plug-in Nintendo has is Wii MotionPlus, the motion sensor enhancement that plugs into the back of every Wii remote. And, sadly, they're still not included with the Nintendo Wii.

In an attempt to make amends, Wii Sports Resort is now selling a $59.99 bundle that includes two MotionPlus accessories instead of just one. It's a $10 savings over getting the $49.99 Wii Sports Resort and a second $19.99 MotionPlus separately. Honestly, it's a wise investment if you're going to buy Wii Sports Resort, since many of the games are two-player and require two MotionPlus accessories anyway.

These little discounts are appreciated, but it's still surprising that Nintendo's not simply releasing a Wii bundle that includes Wii Sports Resort and Wii MotionPlus inside. $250 for a Wii bundle that has both versions of Wii Sports and two controllers with about it, Nintendo? We can always dream.

Meanwhile, get your Wii Sports Resort bundles while they last.