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Wii Sports: Geeks are the new jocks

One test subject lost nine pounds in six weeks by playing Wii Sports.

Wii Sports Experiment

The champagne hangover's worn off, and CESand Macworldare quickly becoming memories; it's time to get serious about that list of New Year's resolutions. And though No. 1 (get more exercise) and No. 12 (master a new video game) seem to be mutually exclusive, one blogger has shown that you can game your way to better health, or at the very least, a smaller pants size. After six weeks of playing Wii Sports for 30 minutes a day--and making no other change to his diet or everyday activities--the Philadelphia-based blogger reported that he'd lost nine pounds and 3.5 inches around his waist. His secret? He "used full body motion and swung [his] arms to mimic the real thing." Not quite the same as enjoying your favorite game from the comfort of your couch, but still an appealing fitness alternative for the gym-phobic.