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Wii dominates iPhone in crane game war

Our vacation at the Jersey Shore demonstrates that the Wii is more desired than the iPhone, at least if you look at the size of their crane games.

The Wii dominates in the important 'size of crane game' metric
The Wii dominates in the important size-of-crane-game metric.

$5 a pop to try and win an iPhone
Five dollars a pop to try and win an iPhone.

The iPhone is one of the most lusted-after gadgets, but if the size of their respective crane games is any indicator, the Nintendo Wii is still the most coveted tech--at least on the Point Pleasant Boardwalk at the Jersey Shore. When I saw the iPhone crane game images on JoeyGadget last week (via Gizmodo), I couldn't help but think of my own summer Jersey Shore trip a few weeks ago, where I saw this incredibly large Wii crane game. While the Wii game clearly dominates in size, the iPhone game costs more per play--$5 per try for an iPhone and only $2 per try for a Wii. I also spotted some Xbox 360 and PS3 crane games during my visit, but they were the same size as the iPhone game and didn't get front-of-the-arcade treatment like the Wii game. And as you'd probably guess, I didn't see anyone come close to actually winning a Wii.

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