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Wiener Rover, an all-terrain hot-dog-delivery machine, knows no fear

Like some sort of weird superhero, Oscar Mayer's Wiener Rover zips up to hungry people to deliver fresh hot dogs with ketchup and mustard.

Wiener Rover
Look at the beefy tires on that thing. Oscar Mayer

The Wienermobile is an iconic vehicle. The giant hot-dog-shaped RV from food company Oscar Mayer toodles around the country promoting frankfurter sandwiches. It now has a spirited sidekick in the form of the Wiener Rover, a little wheeled spitfire of a machine that, like the Wienermobile, is shaped like a hot dog.

July 23 is National Hot Dog Day in the US. Oscar Mayer timed the Wiener Rover's debut to act as a publicity stunt to celebrate the day dedicated to sausages in buns. A raucous promo video features the rover blasting over a beach, through grass and across rocky terrain, mastering all obstacles before it.

The Wiener Rover contains a secret. It's not just a remote-controlled toy. Once it comes to a halt, a hatch opens up to reveal a hidden chamber full of hot dogs, along with ketchup and mustard bottles. It's a frankfurter fan's dream come true. It might also be the oddest hot-dog stand ever created.

The Wiener Rover is really a pretty substantial machine. It's about one-seventh the size of the Wienermobile, coming in at 43 inches in length (or as Oscar Mayer puts it, "eight hot dogs"). Beefy tires allow it to conquer challenging landscapes in its quest to carry hot dogs to places the Wienermobile can't reach.

The rover is delivering dogs to hungry meat eaters in New York City on Thursday, but an Oscar Mayer spokesperson tells CNET it may make appearances in other locales in the future.