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Why would Darth Vader need an umbrella?

We don't know either, but there's one made just for him on sale


Star Wars merchandising has always been hot, of course, and everyone's favorite--the "Lightsaber"--is always at the top of the list. Witness the Lightsaber remote, phone and MP3 player, just to name a few. But we had no idea that there would be competition in a subcategory like Lightsaber umbrellas.

Uber-Review notes that the latest entry to this coveted market is no ordinary bumbershoot, belonging to none other than Lord Vader himself, in all his dark glory. Amazon describes it as "an incredibly limited edition item" from Japan that's "40 inches across and features an automatic telescoping action." (Only two were left as of this writing.)

All of which begs an obvious question, of course: Why would someone wears a helmet 24/7 need an umbrella, much less one from Amazon that costs $100? It makes us wonder what's on his wishlist.