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Why Facebook works people far too hard

An infographic from Glassdoor suggests that the biggest gripe from Facebook employees is the long hours. And lo and behold, research shows that working more than 40 hours a week simply isn't productive.

Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I worry about the people at Facebook.

There they are working all the hours that Mark Zuckerberg sends, in the belief that they are changing the world. Or at least changing their chances of buying a mansion in Palo Alto.

There is proof, though, that they are suffering. A vast and meaningful analysis by Glassdoor, the people who collate employees' feelings about their work life, offers a view of troubled times in Data-Grabbing Central.

I am grateful to Geekwire for finding this information, which suggests that the biggest gripe at Facebook is the hours, then the work/life balance, then the stress.

Yes, hackathons lead to burnoutathons.

I am sure that this sense of drive comes right from the top, where sits a tight-lipped man in a hoodie whose main pleasure seems to be killing animals and then eating them. It seems that some Facebook employees are concerned they will suffer the same fate -- or, at least, the first part.

Yet all this hard "work" is pointless. This is not merely my own view -- influenced, as it might be, by the idea that social networking is ultimately as liberating as eating dice.

No, for this fascinating infographic coincides with a very relaxing work of art in Inc. magazine that shows it is utterly pointless to work more than 40 hours a week.

This fine analysis explains that the 40-hour week wasn't just some invention of hairy-lipped union leaders. No, bosses in "Mad Men" days realized that reducing working hours increased productivity.

Apparently, the American Chamber of Commerce even published an official pamphlet in 1962 explaining that long hours achieve less than turning a shotgun on pixies.

Of course the world has changed. But wasn't all this technology supposed to make lives easier, rather than harder? Wasn't it supposed to free our minds and bodies to express our true beautiful selves?

And yet here are these fine young Facebook people apparently being tortured to within a byte of their sanity in order to find new ways to "serve" you ads.

Yes, some of them will soon be richer than a lesser Trump. But think of those who will not. They are probably the ones suffering the most. Just look at this infographic. It says that the biggest positive about working at Facebook is the food.

I can only hope that Facebook relaxes this debilitating grind and realizes that the social-networking world can turn quite happily with far less employee hours being dedicated to it.

Perhaps, to relax the staff, they should all be given far more vacation time, so that they can learn how to go back to man's essential nature. Yes, they should all be taught how to hunt.