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Why does PDF support in Office for Mac 2008 stink so much?

Office for Mac 2004 worked fine with PDF. Not so its "upgraded" cousin.

Sometimes an "upgrade" is anything but. Take Mac for Office 2008. While it did introduce a number of improvements over its Office 2004 cousin, it has broken one of the most important functions that I regularly use on my Mac:

The ability to save a document/spreadsheet/etc. into a PDF.

This has long been a staple of the Mac experience. Whatever you are writing can easily be converted into a PDF. Office for Mac 2008 breaks this compact, however, by mindlessly crashing most times that I try to convert a document into PDF.

A colleague tells me it's because Office for Mac 2008 introduces "PDF creation [that] is non-native to the application." Maybe he's right. I don't really care why it happens, I'm just annoyed that it happens so frequently. It has made the "Save as PDF" feature nearly unusable for me.

Is anyone else having this problem? A quick Google search doesn't turn up much, but I know my Mac colleagues share my pain on this.