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Why is only for a certain kind of cowboy fan

Once upon a time, the Dallas Cowboys could have owned However, after not believing the domain to be worth $275,000, the team reportedly let it go. It's now a male dating site.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Save a horse, ride a cowboy.

Isn't that how the song goes?

I wonder what song is being sung these days at the heart of the Dallas Cowboys after learning that, a site the team could once have owned, is now sporting men in very different uniform.

In 2007, the team suddenly realized it didn't own So it made a bid at auction. The bid was "275."

As Deadspin reports it, team officials thought this meant, well, $275. As opposed to the actual $275,000. The deal fell apart over this "miscommunication."

It seems that those who eventually bought the domain for much more than the team was willing to pay for it didn't know what to do with it. Until now, that is.

For it has been thrust into the world as a male dating site.

Indeed, Deadspin quotes a press release from LLC that reveals that theirs is now the home for those looking for a gay and straight cowboys -- with the emphasis on the former.

The site itself is up and trotting, with the touching motto: "Find yourself a cowboy!"

I do not believe this is a reference to either Tony Romo or Troy Aikman.

The site's owners clearly believe they are in a good place. The press release declares: "As many states continue to pass gay marriage laws with the support of President Barack Obama, will be well positioned to take advantage of the continued growth in the gay dating sector."

There will be those who make difficult juxtapositions at this turn of events. They will attempt to puncture the Cowboys' ship below the waterline.

And yet there may be another way to look at this. With NFL players such as Minnesota Vikings' punter Chris Kluwe and Baltimore Ravens' linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo publicly standing up for gay rights, this might be the perfect opportunity for the Dallas Cowboys to expand its horizons.

It would surely be an enlightened move for the Cowboys to sponsor and show the world that the NFL isn't just about huffing, puffing, brain damage and cheerleaders.

I am sure that, with the Cowboys backing, could easily enjoy an enormous market share.