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Why Computex is still a player on the global stage

The Taiwanese tradeshow may not have the glitz and glamour of its Vegas counterpart, but it still serves as an important launch pad for new IT products slated for the second half of the year.

Computex's is still a great launching pad for new products from the east. Aloysius Low/CNET

Having spent the better part of last week in Taiwan covering the Computex tradeshow, I've discovered a new-found appreciation for the event. Unlike the glamorous Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year, the Taiwanese event is more formal, more business-oriented, but still an important week in the tech year's calendar.

For one, it's an accessible platform for many Asian vendors who may not have the budget to head to Vegas. They will likely find it cheaper to set up booths and show off their products, which gives a look at devices you wouldn't often see in the western parts of the world.

The timing of the show is also perfect for some manufacturers. Held in June, the show provides a fantastic window into the second half of the year. Big name brands such as Asus typically use the event to launch a wide range of products, and let's be honest here -- there were so many stand out products from Asus that it's safe to say the company stole the spotlight.

Between the super-slim Asus Book Chi and the multi-mode Book V , the Taiwanese company has shown an attitude for innovation that easily rivals the big western and Korean names. Of course, innovating and adding features for the sake of it can be passe, but Asus has done it with a flair that I haven't quite seen in other companies yet.

Besides Asus, there were also other companies that made their presence felt -- Intel has been a long stalwart at Computex, and this year was no different. Its fanless reference design tablet running on the Llama Mountain chipset easily turned heads -- and given its resemblance to the Asus Book Chi , it's likely both companies worked closely for a great looking product.

Like CES, there's still plenty of hidden gems to look out for, and having made the effort at booth crawling, we found eight cool gadgets that you may not have seen before. The show's really a treasure trove of interesting stuff, and it's really useful in showcasing the best that Asia has to offer.

Having been to both CES and Mobile World Congress, Computex is a different kind of show, and it makes no apologies for that. It's a show for those who love to tinker with their PCs. I particularly loved checking out all of the cooler cases at the event, and this completely open air (and dust collecting) design made me do a few double takes.

While tradeshows are a dime a dozen, I can't think of any other show like Computex -- a show that blends together a superb mix of consumer and hardware products that make for geek heaven. I look forward to heading back next year for everything on offer at the Taiwanese tradeshow.