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Why are people leaving Yahoo?

Headhunter provides list of top reasons people are fleeing Yahoo, with Microsoft takeover bid being No. 1.

Yahoo defections aren't news. But people trying to get hired there? Stop the presses!

That's the gist of this blog entry at headhunter firm BINC.

BINC Chief Executive Boris Epstein writes:

"So it's obviously no surprise that Yahoo is in trouble right now and people are leaving in droves. That's why I was so surprised to hear one of my candidates tell me that he's currently interviewing with Yahoo right now. WHAT!! Why is he interviewing with Yahoo? It's like somebody jumping on board Titanic mid sink."

The candidate's reasoning is that Yahoo is investing its resources into making a last-stand effort to avoid a takeover by Microsoft. Epstein doesn't buy it though, and then he goes on to provide a list of the top 9 reasons people give for leaving Yahoo:

1. Want to escape before Yahoo gets acquired by Microsoft

2. Lack of innovation at Yahoo

3. Excessive bureaucracy

4. Seeking job stability and expect more layoffs

5. Want to be bigger fish in smaller pond elsewhere

6. Yahoo has lost its focus

7. Volatility of stock price after Microsoft offer

8. Poor management

9. Long hours and on-call nights and weekends

And I'll offer one to round out the list:

10. Google is hiring