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Who will buy the first Panasonic 3D TV?

On March 10, Best Buy will officially start selling Panasonic's new 3D TVs at a store in downtown Manhattan. Panasonic has invited the press to take pictures and shoot video of the first person to buy one of the new sets.


We sometimes get amusing press releases here at CNET, and while the one we just received from Panasonic doesn't take the cake, it certainly elicited a chuckle or two.

Next week--March 10 to be exact--Panasonic has an event planned at a Best Buy store here in Manhattan. Company execs will proudly cut the ribbon on 3D TV sales at a press conference, and then, according to the invite, there will be a "photo/video opportunity of the first sale of the world's first-ever full HD 3D home theater system."

As far as publicity stunts go, it's not bad, but you just don't picture people lining up to buy 3D TVs like they do for iPhones and once did for new Windows releases. And with a 3D TV, it's not like you get a shot of someone holding up the device or a box of software, pumping their fist in the air.

Who will be the first person to buy a full HD 3D home theater system? We'll just have to wait to find out. But in the meantime, feel free to give it your best guess. We'll post an image next week to see if anybody's description matches the photo.