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Who will buy Panasonic's 150-inch plasmas?

If last year's sales of 103-inch models are any indication, don't expect many takers.

Panasonic's giant 150-inch plasma at CES
Brett Winterford

After Panasonic stole the show at CES in Vegas with its ginormous plasma TV last week, we got to thinking: Who buys these things anyway?

One indication may come from the number of sales from the last 100-plus club. Pocket-lint cites a report in the Commercial Times that only 15 of Panasonic's 103-inch plasmas were sold in the last year with prices averaging around $62,500. "Apparently the monster screens have been shipped to Japan, the U.S., and Europe mainly, but one customer in the Middle East bought five," it said.

We're sure the money doesn't matter to those people, but we can't imagine what buyer's remorse would have been like upon hearing of this year's 150-incher.