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Who needs opposable thumbs? Not this Jenga-playing cat

Internet, meet Moe. Moe is a cat who plays Jenga. For reals!

Jenga-playing cat
Video screenshot by Rusty Blazenhoff/CNET

One by one, this smart kitty pushes wooden blocks out from the game's tower, either by swatting them with his paw or pushing them out with his nose.

Alan Palesko, a man who sadly suffers from Vertical Video Syndrome, is Moe's human opponent and caught their suspenseful match in this video.

Everything's going fine until Moe abruptly ends the game in a crabby little fit.

Watch the video and see why that poor guy Alan will need to spend the rest of his nights sleeping with one eye open.

Wait for it. Wait for it...an uncomfortable stare, then, cat rage!

(Via Reddit, Tastefully Offensive)