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Who is 'The Last Jedi'? Star Wars fans have plenty of guesses

Disney really should have known better than to give millions of moviegoers 11 months to speculate.

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Warning: Speculative possible spoilers for "The Last Jedi" ahead.

Fine, Disney, If you're going to dangle a tantalizingly open-ended title in front of millions of Star Wars nuts, you're going to have to expect intensely detailed -- and sometimes crazy -- theories. And you got it.

As you may have heard, the new title for the next Star Wars movie was announced Monday. It's "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

Think you know who the "last" Jedi is? But since "Jedi" is like "sheep" or "moose" in that it can be both singular and plural, there may not even be just one. Still, with 11 months to speculate, everything's on the table.

Luke Skywalker gets mentioned a lot, duh

So does Rey

Kylo Ren has some supporters

And a few others are mentioned

The idea that "Jedi" is meant to be plural has a following

Some people just want to talk about the title

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" opens December 15.

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