Who is buying Sun?

EMC could buy Sun and make a lot out of the mix.

The Register's Ashley Vance started stirring the pot with the suggestion that Fujitsu should buy Sun, given that its market capitalization is down to $7 billion. IBM's Savio Rodrigues steered clear of suggesting that IBM would be a fit (too much overlap), but veers toward an HP acquisition.

Me? I think if someone were to acquire Sun, EMC would make a lot of sense, even despite Sun's StorageTek overlap. That could be spun out and sold. I think the combination of EMC storage hardware and Sun's Solaris hardware could prove a tempting combination for financial services, pharmaceutical, and other technology-intensive industries.

Like Savio, I doubt Sun will be consumed, and I continue to cheer for Sun to succeed. But in our consolidating technology world, that simply may not be on the cards.