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'Yellow creature'! Which '80s newscast described Pac-Man best?

More than 30 years ago, reporters were hungry to share the craze known as "Pac-Man fever," though they were challenged to describe the arcade game in a fresh way.

Pac-Man news
This guy says Pac-Man is a "yellow creature." Video screenshot by Rusty Blazenhoff/CNET

Pac-Man, introduced to the US in May, 1980 by the Japanese, rapidly had many obsessed with munching pellets and fruits and avoiding the deadly wrath of their ghost enemies.

To honor its 34th anniversary, video game personality Patrick Scott Patterson compiled news reports from the classic game's heyday in the early '80s.

The video focuses mainly on a "PM Magazine" segment that follows 12-year-old Craig, a talented gamer who is "eating dots, chomping power pills, and gulping keys" to win the World's Largest Pac-Man Tournament in Milwaukee. According to the report, this young man has "many good years of munching ahead of him."

Listen as reporters describe the addictive and now-iconic game to their viewers. Who do you think described Pac-Man the best?

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