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Where to find the zoom feature in Vine for Android

Vine for Android launched, boasting a zoom feature that iOS doesn't have. But how does it work?

Jason Cipriani/CNET

On Monday Twitter announced the release of Vine for Android. The short-video service, originally only available to iOS users has amassed over 13 million users since its launch.

One of the features touted in the announcement and release notes for the Android version of the app was the ability to zoom when recording a video.

With that in mind -- as most Android users testing Vine out presumably did -- I launched Vine, created a new video, and attempted to zoom with the familiar pinch-to-zoom method; it didn't work. I tried double-tapping; it didn't work. At this point I assumed my device (Nexus 4) was one of the devices that doesn't support the zoom feature. So I gave up.

Then this morning I came across this post on MakeUseOf covering where to find the zoom feature.

As the story points out, you need to use your volume-up and -down keys in order to zoom in the Vine app when recording a video. That is the last method I expected to use to zoom.

Give it a try the next time you're recording a Vine with your Android device.