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When you don't want to talk to anyone

The 'Memo Motion Sensor' leaves recorded messages


We all have days when we just don't want to talk to anyone, especially those office pests who think nothing of barging into our private sanctuary without warning. (You know who you are.) That's where the "Memo Motion Sensor" is indispensible.

This handy little gadget can record a 10-second message and play it back to whomever enters the room, informing them of your whereabouts, instructions or anything else you'd otherwise leave on a Post-It note that might or might not be seen, according to Coolest-Gadgets. Even an inspirational message, if you're so inclined.

It's meant to be used when you're not physically present, of course, but why stop there? We think it should be adopted for all situations--including times when you're just in a foul mood and don't want to talk to anybody. Come to think of it, perhaps there's a home version in the works as well.