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When TV should be heard as well as seen

Headset helps you hear without disturbing others


The good news is that there are lots of alternatives to the remote TV speaker that we found a bit baffling the other day. The bad news is that more of us from the Boomer generation will be needing such amplification gadgets as our hearing begins to go the way of receding hairlines.

Case in point: the "Clarity Professional C120 Wireless TV Amplifier," another device designed to help you hear the TV without creating domestic turmoil. (And here we thought the C120 was a cargo plane.)

This headset supposedly increases sound by as much as 50 decibels (ouch) and promises to make the signal clearer as well as louder. But the best part? Gizmag says it's the only TV headset with a built-in telephone ring alert so you won't miss any calls while engrossed in your favorite episode of Walker, Texas Ranger. And if all this isn't depressing enough, please take note of the fact that Clarity is pitching this $190 gadget as the ideal Father's Day gift. This is why we don't keep firearms in the house.