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When phones become an Obsession

Goldstriker markets new luxury handset line.


It's not enough for U.K.-based Goldstriker to churn out custom wares in gold, platinum, and diamonds. The eponymous phone-customizing shop is now marketing products from Obsession, the English purveyor of ultra-high-end mobiles phones. (Not to be confused with Calvin Klein's much-parodied fragrances.)

First up is the "Aphrodite" model, which comes in either platinum or 24k gold and diamonds totaling 2.1 carats, according to Luxurylaunches. It looks similar to Nokia's luxury Vertu line, which makes sense given the market they're going after, and even uses leather as part of the phone's exterior just as Vertu has done already.

There's one key difference, however: The Aphrodite comes nestled in its own handmade crocodile briefcase. Because if you're going to be obnoxious, you might as well offend a few animal-rights advocates while you're at it.