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When can you actually get a Samsung Galaxy S5?

Optimism springs eternal that the next Android superphone will be available before St. Patrick's Day, but the wait could be a bit longer.

When might you actually hold Samsung's next superphone?
CBS Interactive

We will finally see Samsung's next big thing, the Galaxy S5, next Monday when it is revealed at a Samsung "Unpacked" event during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but when will the rest of us be able to finally get our hands on one?

Turns out the wait may be a little longer than you might hope.

A report on Thursday from GSMArena that has started to circulate quotes an anonymous Samsung executive "confirming" that the Galaxy S5 will go on sale in three weeks, or roughly mid-March, just a few weeks after its unveiling.

This seems optimistic given Samsung's previous track record and also makes no specific mention of which markets or models the source might be referring to. Further, a report from ZDNet Korea quotes a parts supplier for Samsung that says it has not yet received an order from the company for Galaxy S5 components and speculates some last minute changes to some of the flagship phone's peripherals might still be in the works.

The supplier speculates that the new handset will be commercially available at the end of March at the earliest. This also jives with another report about an advanced camera component in the Galaxy S5 that won't enter into mass production until next month.

That's all just a lot of insider supply chain chatter, but it serves as a reality check for actual normal human consumers like you and me. In other words, we should probably expect to wait at least a month between the time we first see the Galaxy S5 on Monday and the moment we can actually hold one in our hands.

The wait for the Galaxy S4 after its big public debut in New York in mid-March 2013 also took several weeks -- it didn't begin to become available until the end of April in the United States.

If the Galaxy S5 turns out to be the powerhouse we've been told about, it may transform March 2014 into the great month of sitting on our hands in anticipation.