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When Apple fanboys watch a keynote -- the truth

A marvelous and humorous video shows the extremes to which the hardcore of Apple faithful express their feelings.

Ecstasy at the core?
Vooza screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Those who are wedded to Apple like Tom Hanks to Rita Wilson are said to be beyond reason.

Make a joke about their beloved brand and they will cudgel you. Suggest that there might exist a product that is, in some small way, superior to one made by Apple and they won't merely give you the evil eye. They will prepare to take out both of yours.

So I suspect that not everyone will find this video, made by the techily amusing wags at Vooza, funny.

Yet it expresses a certain human truth -- and Apple loves those -- about what happens when people commit their emotions without question.

For here is a group of four Apple fanboys watching a keynote presentation.

Oh, of course they're wearing black. You really needed to ask?

"This must be what heaven's like," they say on seeing an iPad ad. "Just Apple commercials all day."

"What was that, Bill Gates? You cured malaria? Suck it!!!!" says one, his sense of excitement and perspective merging as one.

Then there's the slightly homoerotic fantasies about Craig Federighi's hair. Admit it, you've had them too.

In the end, though, they can never be satiated. They always need one more thing.

And if they don't get it, there is the gnashing of teeth and the phrase already uttered millions of times across the globe in the last 15 months: "This would never have happened if Steve was here."

Just like 49-ers fans after the departure of Bill Walsh, there is no cure. Until the next savior comes along.