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What's your top must-have feature update to Apple's MacBook Air?

We've put together a list of the most likely MacBook Air upgrades. Vote on your favorite in our poll.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The rumors swirling around an updated version of Apple's slim MacBook Air laptop are getting louder. Normally, Apple rumors are based more on wishful thinking than reasoned speculation, but with recent reports of current MacBook Air supplies running low, and the upcoming sometime-in-July release of the OSX Lion operating system update, we've moved the needle from "if" to "when."

In our recent roundup of MacBook Air rumors, we noted that nearly everyone thinks Intel second-generation Core i-series processors are coming (which would involve Apple skipping an entire generation of Intel CPUs), as well as the Thunderbolt high-speed data port currently found on MacBook Pro models.

Somewhat more fancifully, there have been back-and-forth claims about a black version of the Air--a rumor sometimes supported and debunked by the same source nearly simultaneously.

We've put together a list of the most likely MacBook Air upgrades, and couple of long shots (assuming we see an new version of the Air at all; the current model has only been available since October 2010). Click on your top must-have choice in the poll, and we'll see where readers think Apple should be focusing its attention.

[Update: Based on reader feedback in the comments section below, I'm adding a backlit keyboard to the poll choices.]