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What's the average age of Kindle owners?

Even though Amazon appears to be trying to appeal to a younger crowd, the Kindle 2 seems to be a favorite among seniors, many who find it easier to handle than a book.

Amazon's marketing to a more youthful audience but the Kindle is proving appealing to seniors.

In April of last year, a user on's forums opened a discussion thread entitled, Average Kindle Owner's Age.

Amazon, of course, doesn't provide any sales numbers or data detailing who's buying Kindles, but it's an interesting question to ask on the day of the Kindle 2's launch (according to reports, the device has already started shipping).

Apparently, a lot of senior folks bought the Kindle--and now the Kindle 2--partially because the digital reader is easier to handle than regular books for arthritis sufferers. It also helps that you can increase the font size, if you have trouble viewing small print in books.

When more textbooks arrive in Kindle format, and colleges require students to buy a Kindle 2 (at a discounted rate, hopefully), we might start seeing the age of owners skew younger. But combine the benefits for seniors with the device's relatively high price tag of close to $400 bucks (with cover), and I'm guessing that the average age for owners comes in around 45--even if Amazon is trying to reach a younger demographic with its new marketing campaign (see picture).

Anybody else care to guess? Or reveal your age, if you are a Kindle owner.

Editor's note: The link to the Amazon thread was initially broken. It's now fixed.