What's next for the Web? Ask these folks

At the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, Internet executives sound off on the future of entertainment and media.

CNET News staff
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Terry Semel, CEO, Yahoo

VeriSign snags Weblogs.com

Internet domain registrar acquires Weblogs.com and its "ping" service in a $2.3 million cash deal.
October 7, 2005

iTunes for video? Don't hold your breath

Downloading TV shows from a Web site is a long way off. Blame the "forces of control."
October 6, 2005

Yahoo's Semel talks new, new media

CEO envisions a new kind of new-media company, rooted in technology and delivering all kinds of content.
October 6, 2005

Diller touts original Web programming

InterActivCorp chief muses on how the convergence of the PC and TV will alter the entertainment landscape.
October 6, 2005

Page times Google searches

blog "Larry literally sits in front of our search engine and counts how long" searches take, an exec says.
October 6, 2005

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Jonathan Miller, CEO, AOL

AOL snaps up blog publisher Weblogs Inc.

Online giant plans to mix blogs throughout its network, such as within its TV, travel and personal-finance channels.
October 6, 2005

Blog count doubling every five months

blog Sure, it's easy to start a blog. But how many actually stick with the practice?
October 6, 2005

Net giants look for next 'Star Wars' kid

They'd like everyone to make videos, upload them to the Web, and let the masses decide what's worth watching.
October 5, 2005

AJAX gives software a fresh look

Zimbra and other companies are betting that new-style Web development will shake up the PC software market.
October 4, 2005