What's next for CNET TV?

Justin tells you who he is and what to expect from CNET TV in the future.

Justin Eckhouse
Hi I'm Justin Eckhouse, Product Manager for CNET TV. I've managed all sorts of products over the years, but CNET TV is the most exciting project I've worked on in quiet some time (hopefully for you too). I'll be using my posts here to give you a look at what's next for CNET TV as well as insight into why we've made the design & development decisions we have. So let's get started.... CNET TV was built to be an immersive multimedia experience featuring one stop shopping for all the audio & video content CNET has to offer. We've accomplished half of that equation, but as many of you have noticed our are notably missing. Never fear! This will be addressed so you can enjoy all your podcasts like Buzz Out Loud and Studio C without leaving the comfort of the soothing and sleek CNET TV backdrop.