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What's new in cell phones at CommunicAsia

CNET Asia keeps gives the full scoop on all the mobile madness at the CommunicAsia show in Singapore.

The Blue Earth: CNET Asia gets to touch it.

Every June, the bigwigs of the cell phone world journey to Singapore for the annual CommunicAsia extravaganza. Though not as big as the Mobile World Congress held every February in Barcelona, Spain, CommunicAsia stills brings us plenty of cell phone goodness from the continent where so much mobile innovation happens.

While we at Crave can't make the trek across the ocean to Singapore, our colleagues at CNET Asia are braving the convention floor to scope out the newest and hottest handsets. They've make an impressive haul so far, even getting their hands on the elusive LG watch phone and the Samsung Blue Earth solar-powered phone. We're more than a little envious considering last time we saw the Blue Earth and the watch phone we couldn't touch either.

Of course, that's just a sampling of the sights in Singapore. So for the full story, head on over to CNET Asia.