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What your wardrobe lacks: A necktie with a QR code

QR Tie takes your neckties from analog to digital with links to your online info. Fortunately, they're nicely hidden until needed.

Tim Hornyak
Crave freelancer Tim Hornyak is the author of "Loving the Machine: The Art and Science of Japanese Robots." He has been writing about Japanese culture and technology for a decade. E-mail Tim.
Tim Hornyak
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QR tie
The QR Tie comes in styles such as The Charlie, named for Charlie Chaplin. Kickstarter

I must admit that I sometimes sorely miss the bygone age of penny farthings, sleeve garters, and neckties that just hung there making you look professional instead of linking to your OKCupid profile.

Those were good times. Then again, times change, so it shouldn't be a surprise that you can now get your own QR code subtly printed on your necktie (QR codes have been printed on ties before, but usually on the front where they're painful to see).

Why would you want a tie printed with a QR code? To promote your personal brand, of course.

The QR Tie is part of a just-launched Kickstarter campaign aimed at evolving the silk around your neck.

When people admire you or your tie, you can flip it over to reveal the QR code printed on the back. They'll scan it with their smartphones and get your info right away.

"Redirect the code whenever and wherever you want -- your company URL by day, your dating profile by night," says the campaign by Ryan Budke, who aims to raise $40,000.

The code links to an account on the developer's Web site, which you can direct anywhere. No more business cards, or scribbling down e-mail addresses or phone numbers. Just a simple click.

The QR Ties will be available in several styles named after movie icons like Cary Grant, Sidney Poitier, and Sean Connery.

They're available to early-bird backers from $25 here. Want a bowler hat with that?